Thelma and Louise hit the road again… Part 2 – Maryland

The next step in our journey began at Cecilia Taylor’s home and shop, Henhouse Primitives in Lewisville, Pennsylvania which led up to a fabulous show of primitives and antiques at Cecilia’s show, From the Farmhouse in Elkton, Maryland (just down the road)!

The Cecil County Fairgrounds is an awesome place for a show… the grounds are amazing!  I don’t know how Cecilia does it, but she managed to have a half-dozen houseguests, run a show AND have an open house back at her shop… AND she fed ALL of us!  A wonderful hostess, her attention to detail and caring nature shines in everything she does.

(Here, I have to note, regretfully… we utterly failed with photos of Cecilia’s shop!  Believe it or not, we felt so at home, we forgot about taking any pictures… NEXT TIME!  Or, go to her picturetrail for more information.)

Absolutely LOVE this church… on the road from Cecilia’s to the fairgrounds… so sweet!

Friday dawned clear and cool, an easy day for set-up with no sign of what was to come!

Here is our booth at From the Farmhouse show… we seem to be getting a reputation for first to set up and last to take down!

Close-up of the side of our booth…

Our Buttery and part of the back wall.

The back wall (ignore the cooler… our stepping stool!).

Last but not least, the back corner!


Snowman wreath~

Our own Cheddar-Rosemary Bisquit Mix~

Christine Crocker’s Deerfield Farm “Deerfield Purple” Garlic… for growing or eating… it’s the best!

Walker Homestead‘s FAMOUS Apple Crisp Mix~  A favorite of our customers ❤

Doreen’s hand-dyed wools and Walker Homestead garlands~

More of our garlands~


garlic scapes~

Little mouse peeking out of an aged crewel pocket~

Handmade Rowan Tree Soaps~

Make-do tp & magazine holder with our handmade aged stockings~

On to the show!

Clough Farm~ (our neighbors, Amy is so sweet!)

Clough Farm~

Connie Gleed’s Hands of Time Antiques, Palmyra, PA~

Hands of Time Antiques~

Christina & Scott Hummel’s Primitive America~  Another favorite shop of ours to visit… Christina always has fabulous country antiques and is located in Pennsdale, PA!

Primitive America

Primitive America~

Primitive America~

Primitive America~  LOVE this set… seems to me that a certain black cat has claimed the ottoman!

American Vernacular Antiques~  LOVE their stuff… they always have something special and unique!

Fabulous bowl… American Vernacular Antiques~

American Vernacular Antiques~

Great penny rug… American Vernacular Antiques~

Debbie Reiter’s Seven Valley Primitives~

Seven Valley Primitives~

Seven Valley Primitives~

Donna & Don Smith, Southern Star Antiques~  Our housemates… great people, so glad we had the opportunity to meet and visit with them!

Southern Star Antiques~  LOVE this bed!

Millstone Mercantile~

Tina Iosca’s Fences and Hedgerows – another delightful dealer we met this trip and one of Cecilia’s neighbors!

LOVE this chair!  Fences and Hedgerows~

Fantastic Russian sage (I’ve never seen this variety before!)  Fences and Hedgerows~

Cecilia Taylor’s Henhouse Primitives~

Henhouse Primitives~

Henhouse Primitives~

Stones and Wares~

Stones and Wares~

From the Farmhouse is always a great show and we weren’t disappointed!  Great merchandise, wonderful customers who were brave enough to go out in miserable weather… rain, which turned to snow… we only ended up with an inch in this section of Pennsylvania and Maryland, BUT the folks back home weren’t so lucky!  Our husbands were faced with power outages, heavy snow and broken trees… guess we chose the right time to go on a road trip!

AND, there’s more to come!

To be continued…



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2 responses to “Thelma and Louise hit the road again… Part 2 – Maryland

  1. Lynn Peeples

    Thank you sooo much for sharing! All the booths looked awesome!

  2. luke

    Love the picture of the Deerfield Garlic! I’d love to share it with a community of growers, I know they’d love to learn about Walker Homestead.

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