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Thelma and Louise hit the road again… Part 2 – Maryland

The next step in our journey began at Cecilia Taylor’s home and shop, Henhouse Primitives in Lewisville, Pennsylvania which led up to a fabulous show of primitives and antiques at Cecilia’s show, From the Farmhouse in Elkton, Maryland (just down the road)!

The Cecil County Fairgrounds is an awesome place for a show… the grounds are amazing!  I don’t know how Cecilia does it, but she managed to have a half-dozen houseguests, run a show AND have an open house back at her shop… AND she fed ALL of us!  A wonderful hostess, her attention to detail and caring nature shines in everything she does.

(Here, I have to note, regretfully… we utterly failed with photos of Cecilia’s shop!  Believe it or not, we felt so at home, we forgot about taking any pictures… NEXT TIME!  Or, go to her picturetrail for more information.)

Absolutely LOVE this church… on the road from Cecilia’s to the fairgrounds… so sweet!

Friday dawned clear and cool, an easy day for set-up with no sign of what was to come!

Here is our booth at From the Farmhouse show… we seem to be getting a reputation for first to set up and last to take down!

Close-up of the side of our booth…

Our Buttery and part of the back wall.

The back wall (ignore the cooler… our stepping stool!).

Last but not least, the back corner!


Snowman wreath~

Our own Cheddar-Rosemary Bisquit Mix~

Christine Crocker’s Deerfield Farm “Deerfield Purple” Garlic… for growing or eating… it’s the best!

Walker Homestead‘s FAMOUS Apple Crisp Mix~  A favorite of our customers ❤

Doreen’s hand-dyed wools and Walker Homestead garlands~

More of our garlands~


garlic scapes~

Little mouse peeking out of an aged crewel pocket~

Handmade Rowan Tree Soaps~

Make-do tp & magazine holder with our handmade aged stockings~

On to the show!

Clough Farm~ (our neighbors, Amy is so sweet!)

Clough Farm~

Connie Gleed’s Hands of Time Antiques, Palmyra, PA~

Hands of Time Antiques~

Christina & Scott Hummel’s Primitive America~  Another favorite shop of ours to visit… Christina always has fabulous country antiques and is located in Pennsdale, PA!

Primitive America

Primitive America~

Primitive America~

Primitive America~  LOVE this set… seems to me that a certain black cat has claimed the ottoman!

American Vernacular Antiques~  LOVE their stuff… they always have something special and unique!

Fabulous bowl… American Vernacular Antiques~

American Vernacular Antiques~

Great penny rug… American Vernacular Antiques~

Debbie Reiter’s Seven Valley Primitives~

Seven Valley Primitives~

Seven Valley Primitives~

Donna & Don Smith, Southern Star Antiques~  Our housemates… great people, so glad we had the opportunity to meet and visit with them!

Southern Star Antiques~  LOVE this bed!

Millstone Mercantile~

Tina Iosca’s Fences and Hedgerows – another delightful dealer we met this trip and one of Cecilia’s neighbors!

LOVE this chair!  Fences and Hedgerows~

Fantastic Russian sage (I’ve never seen this variety before!)  Fences and Hedgerows~

Cecilia Taylor’s Henhouse Primitives~

Henhouse Primitives~

Henhouse Primitives~

Stones and Wares~

Stones and Wares~

From the Farmhouse is always a great show and we weren’t disappointed!  Great merchandise, wonderful customers who were brave enough to go out in miserable weather… rain, which turned to snow… we only ended up with an inch in this section of Pennsylvania and Maryland, BUT the folks back home weren’t so lucky!  Our husbands were faced with power outages, heavy snow and broken trees… guess we chose the right time to go on a road trip!

AND, there’s more to come!

To be continued…


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~ A Birthday Blast for Comstock, Ferre & Co. ~

We first heard about Comstock, Ferre & Co.‘s 200th Anniversary Birthday Bash when their seed catalog arrived in the mail way back in December… or was it January?

In any event, it was cold and there was lots and lots of snow…

the perfect time to start planning our gardens, devouring seed catalogs, making just the right choices to get us through the cold, bitter New England winter months…

the perfect time to make plans to visit the Comstock, Ferre & Co. in Wethersfield, Connecticut for their 200th Anniversary Birthday Bash!

Jere & Emilee Gettles, owners of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds of Mansfield, Missouri purchased the 200 year old seed company with the intention of restoring it to its former glory and continuing its heritage by carrying heirloom seeds to supply small gardeners and retail operations as well.

A dream come true.  The Gettles brought an Amish crew from Missouri to restore the historic buildings and barns and I can’t think of a better owner to understand the value of such a place and its heritage.

The day dawned clear and cool, a nip to the air, promise of a beautiful day to come… we headed out to Wethersfield (about an hour away from our Central MA home) with the excitement of a day out, surrounded by plants and history!  Nothing prepared us for such a lovely day… a lovely day indeed!

Here are some photos of our day… LOTS and LOTS of photos of the day, but it was hard, very HARD to eliminate them… we so enjoyed ourselves!

The Belden House at Comstock, Ferre & Co.

We arrived on Main Street, Wethersfield… parking was full, had to take a ride around the block in order to find a shady spot to park (the dogs joined us).

We arrive at Comstock, Ferre & Co.

Our first view of the festival… where to first???  Re-enactors in every corner… way too much fun!  A recent trip to Fort Frederick Market Fair had given us a taste for this, so excited to find more… AND so close to home!

A blacksmith selling his wares… and demonstrating in period costume!

Heating up the iron… a portable forge!

Working the iron…

… and getting the curve just right!

Just the right amount of twist!

Using the bellows to heat the coal…

This fine lady was demonstrating various needle crafts and her skilled weaving…

Tools of the trade… a lady would have had many of these implements attached to her waist (or girdle) holding her needles, scissors, thread and the like.

This little loom was for weaving cording.

Equivalent of a sweatshirt, back in the 1700’s… this shirt is a linen-cotton mix, hand-woven and hand-stitched by this fine lady who gave me instructions on how to make it without a pattern.  Can’t wait to give it a try!

Every seam was a “French seam” which covers up the raw edges and reinforces the stitching… at the shoulder seam, cotton twill tape was used for strength.

Triangular gussets were used where the shoulder meets the neck for additional strength… keeping the fabric from fraying or tearing.

Just LOVE this gusset at the bottom of the neck opening!

Detail of the turned under edge along the neck opening.

Jere Gettles talking with a few visitors.  Both Jere and Emilee were wandering in and out of the crowd, talking with visitors and taking photos… I wished I had more time to try and chat with them!  Jere’s recent interview with Zan Asha for The Renegade Farmer was so interesting and gives you a feel for what they are all about!

These guys were fun to talk to!  Great information on this replica cannon (casting of an original untouched 1750 cannon given by the British to us, hidden away and recently discovered)… so cool!

Officer’s field desk, with everything an officer would need…

This nasty little weapon was pretty neat… no mater how you throw it, it always ends with a point up… imagine the damage this baby could do to a hoof or soldier’s foot???  Evidently, they were used up to the Vietnam war.

Paul discussing the cannon with its owner…

I absolutely loved the wheels!

The type of shot which would have been fired from this cannon.

… and a close up of the cannon itself.

This fellow was displaying 18th century tools that were found on his family’s farm in Windsor, CT…

…a great collection, used by his family for generations!

So cool!

Ice saw and tongs used for harvesting ice which was stored in sawdust in the ice house for summer use!

Blueberries… yum!!!

LOVED this arbor/trellis… new project for Paul to add to the side of my new arbor!

It’s the little things that get me excited!  Can you believe they were selling plants like this???   CHEROKEE GREEN TOMATO… awesome!!!

Inside, there were lots of vendors, seeds and great things to buy!  Here are Baker Creek cups, t-shirts and hats!

A great selection of books relating to heirloom gardening…

… honey and beeswax products…

… natural fertilizers and insecticides…

… and SEEDS…

… great displays, vintage design cards…

… and candles…

… birdhouses…

… and all sorts of gardening gadgets, supplies and information!  LOVED the twine holder!

Old seed boxes and crates were everywhere… so cool!

Looks like old seed packets, but they’re packaged for 2011!!!

Walls of old file cabinets, bins and equipment!

Great twine!

You wouldn’t believe how wonderful these Swedish natural bristle brushes were!  They had vegetable brushes, nail brushes… you name it!

Pysanky eggs!  I hardly ever see them out and about… we’ve made them, a lot of work, but so worth the effort!

There were beans in jars, lots of beans as well as all these lovely drieds… so sweet!

Catholic Charities immigration assistance had an area where they were selling these gorgeous rugs and knits!

… and SEEDS!

I just LOVE the packaging!

Samples of bread dipping mixes… mmmmmmmmm, so good!

… and more SEEDS!

A view across the main floor.

… and more SEEDS!

Paul checking out the amaranth seeds…

… now tell me, where can you find amaranth seeds… not one variety, not two varieties, but 5 VARIETIES!!!  So awesome, great seed selection!

How about this variety of eggplant… couldn’t get myself to try it this year, but maybe next year’s garden???

PURPLE TOMATOES, PINK TOMATOES, GREEN TOMATOES… whatever color your heart desires… they’re here!

Heirloom Gardener magazine!  The current issue and many back issues… we carry this back at our shop, it’s awesome!  Jere & Emilee Gettles do a great job with it!

Old signs…

… and antiques!

A view of the front yard festivities!

LOVED these old drug store bottles!


Cases of old seed catalogues, packages and related memorabilia!

Not sure if these were measures or scoops or both, but they were AWESOME!


.. old crates…

… machinery used in the seed industry…

LOVED this machine… I have no idea what it was used for, though!

Here is another unknown beauty!  Look at that old paint!

Emilee & Sasha Gettles at the Farmer’s Cow ice cream booth…

… it was so GOOD!!!

One of the back buildings used for speakers… Jere Gettles on the left, talking with a customer.  There were food vendors, plants and more set up out back… great stuff!

Back out front, re-enactors were set up.  Here is a basketmaker’s display…

… this lady was showing visitors how people had to write…

… and this lady was spinning naturally dyed wool…

… all naturally dyed wool yarn, the red is from cochineal (a bug which was imported in the 18th century for red dyes), the brighter orange is from cosmos!

This young family looked so sweet!

Writing samples…

… and wares.

This lady’s needlework was AWESOME!!!

She showed me this great book with photos from Winterthur Museum and look what I found!!!  I have a sampler very similar to this that my great, great, great, great, grandmother’s sister made… same era, also from the Lexington Concord area!

LOVED this guy’s coat!

The band played on!

… and we reluctantly said our farewells!

A fabulous time, wish we had more time to stay and visit with everyone, shop and enjoy… SOOOOOO… if you ever happen to be near Wethersfield, CT, be sure to stop in at Comstock, Ferre & Co. – you won’t regret it!


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A Snowy Day ~ The Bake Oven

The Day dawned with almost a foot of snow on the ground

The Tavern Doorand a forecast of much more to come.

We decided it would be a good day to try out our bake oven… something we’ve been thinking about doing for almost 3 decades!

DH cleaned out the oven

The Bake Oven






and lit the fire

While I started making bread in the kitchen.






Three loaves of bread and a pizza!

One loaf of dill bread, one loaf of lemon basil bread and one loaf of plain…

and a pizza!

The Pizza!The oven heated up





and heated up

The dogs waited, soaking up the heat… just waiting…

Finally, it was time!






and the pizza was done!


I have a feeling that this old oven is going to get a lot of use now!

Next, we decided to bake the bread… the first 2 loaves cooked too fast on the outside, I guess we’ll wait it out for the oven to cool down a bit before baking the last loaf.

What a way to spend a snowy day…


back to my seed catalogs!

A Snow Day


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