Walker Homestead Girls on the road again… Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week~

Well, morning came early for us.

It was still dark when we left, but by the time we hit the Berkshires, the fog was lifting and the sun was coming up at our backs.

A new destination and we were psyched to get there!  Friends had been encouraging us to experience the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week held the 3rd week in August in Madison and Bouckville, New York… right on Route 20!

But first, a 4 1/2 hour drive.

Along the way, we decided to try and keep track of all the antiques shops… a little game to liven our trip!  We weren’t disappointed… many, many shops for future antiquing dot the roads through southeastern New York state.

Loved this little hardware store on our detour (GPS malfunction???)…           so quaint!

Once back on I-90, we passed by Albany…

and shortly thereafter, we left the highway and headed for the beautiful, rural Route 20, with antiques shop….

after antiques shop…

after antiques shop…

after antiques shop.

Beautiful farms abound… such a sweet ride!  Neither of us had been to this area of New York in many years and had forgotten just how pastoral it is!

Beautiful farm after…

beautiful farm after…

beautiful farm!

We stopped at a Hannaford’s to get some fruit for a snack… couldn’t believe this place, all energy efficient utilizing natural light via light tubes and other energy features… so neat, wish they would do that to the Hannaford’s near us!

Along Route 20 in Richfield Springs, we saw a little blue sign with an arrow… Butternut Barn!  These ladies come by Walker Homestead when they are in Massachusetts and we’ve made a few custom pieces for their shop… we had no idea we would be traveling near them.  A quick U-turn and we took Allen’s Lake Road… much to our surprise, they were a short distance up the road!

The sign said closed, but it was only 10 minutes before opening… we decided to wait and were delighted with their grounds and beautiful displays.

a sweet front porch…

beautiful planters…

we fell in love with this old wagon…

and carriage, both covered with lichen and moss…

After a few minutes of waiting, Judie Stone arrived to open up for the day and invited us in…

What a fabulous shop!

EVERYTHING about this shop is special!

These boots were awesome, perfect for a wicked witch~

Doreen totally loved their use of a sleigh for a display piece ❤


a GREAT little cupboard ❤

The shop was once upon a time a carriage house… with stalls on the first floor and hay storage & groom’s quarters on the 2nd level!

A nice array of primitive reproductions with a scattering of antiques… who could ask for more???

Little nooks and corners~

This display is so totally awesome!  A NFS collection belonging to Judie’s husband… absolutely delightful!

Judie Stone, our gracious hostess… in her element!  Stop by and visit Butternut Barn at 427 Butternut Road, Richfield Springs, NY  13439 the next time you are in the area… you’ll be glad you did!

So, back to our travels… so many neat houses, the architecture is sooooo NEW YORK!  We love it!

Our excitement continued to mount as we passed each village, each farm, one after another… such glorious countryside~

You could tell we were getting closer…

and closer…

as we passed antiques for sale on the side of the road.

Finally, we made it!

Since it was close to noon (opening time) for “The Big Field”, we decided that would be the place to go.  A warning for newbies like us, that there is an admission charge of $29 for early buying on Thursday… free from Friday on!  We were told that you could buy discount tickets at Price Chopper up to Wednesday… too late for us!

The line to buy tickets at 11:30 a.m….

The line behind us at 11:45 a.m…. waiting for the gates to open!

… and they’re off!!!

Lots of great booths…

LOVED this booth!

… where we ran into our friends, Cindy & Joe Shepard (Joe’s in the background in orange… can’t keep that guy in one place for more than a minute!) of Hometown Antiques – the instigators in our adventure!

The Big Field is exactly that… BIG!!!  Tents and tents and more tents…

We found sweet Jane Desjardins… an antiques dealer from Ware, MA who does our Simple Treasures from the Past – Antiques & Primitive Goods Show!

Doreen was in love with this prim little wheelbarrow!

As luck would have it, we ran into Martin Webster (West Branch Antiques) who gave us directions to the booth he shared with Rick Fuller (Richard Fuller Antiques)… not sure we would have found our buddy, Rick, otherwise!  The new show promoters moved the booth numbers around and they ended up in an odd spot in amongst a sea of vehicles!!!

We would happily take home EVERY SINGLE ITEM in their booth ❤

Can you guess what this is???  A RAT TRAP!!!  LOL, looks kinda like a book press, in a morbid sort of way!

Rick showed up his copy of A Simple Life magazine that Jill Peterson dropped off for him!  Little did he know that his former ram lamb, Amos (who now lives at Walker Homestead), was featured in one of the articles~

The proud grampy showed Amos off to the lovely Mary Elliott!

The to-die-for settle in Rick & Martin’s booth… love, Love, LOVE THIS!!!

They even had a W H (Walker Homestead) basket in their booth!

Here’s Martin, chatting up the pros and cons of peanut butter and jelly… it seems we agreed, much to Rick and Doreen’s chagrin!

It was back to the hunt for us…

we ran into Joe “he picks things up and puts them down” Shepard of Hometown Antiques

… and his lovely wife, Cindy ❤

We were blown away by the view surrounding the fields… in EVERY direction it was this GORGEOUS!!!

We took a break with David and Becky Straight (David Straight Auctions) and Joe & Cindy Shepard…

Hmmmmmm…. even saw (the guy with the funny shirt and orange high top sneakers) Gary Sohmers from Antiques Roadshow fame!

We found these lovely ladies from Ohio in one of the big tents and ended up raiding their booth… came home with an apothecary in blue paint, a mortar & pestle, an awesome rectangular trencher, a side table and a fantastic 6 board chest!  We were so excited, we forgot to take photos of them but will be sure to visit them on our next trip to Ohio!

We passed Jack & Dirinda Houghton’s shop, Turnpike Antiques, on our way through Madison and heading for our hotel.  Jack & Dirinda have great country antiques and also do our show!

We stopped to take a shot of this great fence… just love people’s creativity!

HOBBY LOBBY!!!  Doreen was so EXCITED!  We don’t have them in our area 😦

We checked into the hotel, had dinner and a good night’s sleep, breakfast and we were headed back to the SHOW!

Incredible scenery in this neck of the woods…

I loved the moon cut-out in the peak of the white building…

Madison County… HERE WE COME!!!

Beautiful scenery every step of the way!

The skies were ominous when we arrived at the east field… a thunder storm came through overnight and mud was everywhere!

Look at the size of this baby!

Tents, tents, tents… EVERYWHERE!  LOVE IT!

Be still my heart, be still~  it was all I could do to come home without this piece 😦

STILL want it!

We picked up our purchases for the day and headed out early…

Storms were a-brewin’ and we didn’t want to get caught PLUS

we had a LONGGGGGGG RIDE ahead!

The look of stress as the truck wouldn’t change out of 4 wheel drive…

grinding noises, burning rubber…

we had to stop at the next mechanic.

The good soul he was, he played around with it, took it for a couple of spins and we were back in business, 2 wheel drive engaged!

The look of relief 🙂

The rain came…

with a vengeance!

Flooding Route 20…

BUT, that didn’t stop us from finding GARLIC!!!  Yes, farm grown garlic… if you look closely in this shot, right above the windshield wiper, you’ll see the sign!


We stopped at another garlic stand, but the garlic wasn’t nearly as large and it was more expensive… go figure!

We stopped at this diner for a late lunch… ran through the pouring rain to the door!  It was a nice family-run place and the food was good!

Back on the road again, raining most of the way…

Almost to Massachusetts~

and the REAL RAIN HIT!  We ended up pulling over for a bit on the Mass Pike, it was raining so hard, you couldn’t see the car in front of you!



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2 responses to “Walker Homestead Girls on the road again… Madison-Bouckville Antiques Week~

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Glad you got home safely, that rain was awful!

  2. This has to be the best post I have read in a loooooong time. Love where you took us…every picture was so intriguing. It was as if I was there. Anything I wish I could have seen, or would have taken a picture of, or wanted more of….you did it for us.
    What a great place. Loved all the old buildings and view. Thank you!

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