A Snowy Day ~ The Bake Oven

The Day dawned with almost a foot of snow on the ground

The Tavern Doorand a forecast of much more to come.

We decided it would be a good day to try out our bake oven… something we’ve been thinking about doing for almost 3 decades!

DH cleaned out the oven

The Bake Oven






and lit the fire

While I started making bread in the kitchen.






Three loaves of bread and a pizza!

One loaf of dill bread, one loaf of lemon basil bread and one loaf of plain…

and a pizza!

The Pizza!The oven heated up





and heated up

The dogs waited, soaking up the heat… just waiting…

Finally, it was time!






and the pizza was done!


I have a feeling that this old oven is going to get a lot of use now!

Next, we decided to bake the bread… the first 2 loaves cooked too fast on the outside, I guess we’ll wait it out for the oven to cool down a bit before baking the last loaf.

What a way to spend a snowy day…


back to my seed catalogs!

A Snow Day


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8 responses to “A Snowy Day ~ The Bake Oven

  1. I bet it smelled amazing in there today! It sure looks good! YUMMO!!

  2. Audrey Hanna

    Oh my that looks wonderful!! I wish I was there for a taste!!

  3. Linda

    OH MY! How yummy it looks, and so cozy, my dream! Thanks for sharing ❤

  4. Connie Gleed

    Do you deliver? Couldn’t resist asking. What a way to spend a snowy day!!

  5. terri stump

    What great therapy for a snowy wintery day! ENJOY! 🙂

  6. Donna Reed

    WOW ! ! On a VERY snowy day in Mass, (the kind only we “hardy” New Englanders can relate to…lol) someone is being served pizza on BEAUTIFUL china dishes. Don’t think you can beat that !

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Rosalie

    I love snow….pizza…and that oven!! Plus the cat looks darling with the snow on it’s back!! Thanks for bringing joy to my evening.

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